Snapdragon Candy Showers Rose by Sakata - Year of the Snapdragon - National Garden Bureau

Origin: Mediterranean region, parts of the Middle East and North Africa

Family: Plantaginaceae

Genus: Antirrhinum

Uses: Snapdragons can be used for biennial culture like pansies, because they can develop robust spring plants. Snapdragons are also attractive to pollinators, including hummingbirds, bumblebees and other larger sized bees.

Series: Dwarf, medium, tall, snaptastic and candy showers.

Fun Fact: The genus name Antirrhinum comes from the Greek words anti meaning like and rhin meaning nose or snout, which describes the shape of the flowers. There are also varieties that have unique double and open flowers.

A Bit of History: Generally, snapdragons are treated as annuals because they’re not hardy; however, for Southern gardeners, snapdragons last longer when grown in the fall. As temperatures rise later in the spring in the South, flowering can slow down or stop, while in moderate climates like the Midwest, plants stop flowering under warmer summer temperatures or produce a few flowers.

Breeders:  Johnny’s Selected Seeds, Harris Seed, West Coast Seed, Garden Trends, Park Seed, American Meadows, Jung Seed, Botanical Interests and Burpee

Source: National Garden Bureau