Year of the Coreopsis



Coreopsis Corey Single Gold from Syngenta – National Garden Bureau

Origin: Americas

Family: Asteraceae

Genus: Coreopsis

Uses: Equally, at home in naturalized prairie settings or manicured landscapes, Coreopsis provide a lovely sunny presence wherever they make their home.

Sections: Electra, Anathysana, Tuckermannia, Pugiopappus, Leptosyne, Silphidium, Gyrophyllum, Calliopsis, Eublepharis, Coreopsis, Pseudoagarista

Fun Fact: Unlike its cousins in the Sunflower group (Helianthus, Heliopsis, and Helenium), botanists chose a name with reference to the appearance of the plant’s seed rather than the beauty of its flowers. Hence the common name “Tickseed” which derives from the Greek “koris” meaning bed-bug and “opsis” meaning appearance and referring to the resemblance of the seed.

A Bit of History: Before the introduction of coffee, coreopsis was boiled into teas by North American natives.

Breeders: Danziger, Darwin Perennials, Dümmen Orange, GardenTrends, Hem Genetics, Jung Seed, Kieft Seed, Star Roses and Plants, Syngenta

Source: National Garden Bureau.

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