Tim Birkel Vice President Strategic Markets and Accounts, Nufarm Americas

Tim Birkel first joined Nufarm Americas in 2002 as a marketing and product development specialist. He’s since climbed the ranks working in the Vegetation and Forestry Business Unit, Nuseed USA and Nuseed North America. Today, Birkel is responsible for leading the strategy and direction of Nufarm’s Seed Treatment business, as well as the Vegetation Management and Forestry business. He’s also a member of Nufarm’s Business Direction Leadership team and has account management responsibilities. Birkel is a graduate of Truman State University (bachelor’s in agriculture) and Park University where he earned his MBA.

In the global market, Nufarm has been an independent player in the seed treatment business for more than 40 years. In the past 10 years, we’ve been investing our resources in the U.S. market to understand our customers and the products they supply.

Every seedsman I have ever known takes pride in delivering high-quality seed. As a supplier of a complete line-up of seed-applied crop protection products, Nufarm Americas appreciates the opportunity to work with like-minded seed companies and chemical distributors.

We recognize a great deal of like-mindedness in the seed industry as we develop, and market, innovative seed technology solutions. Perhaps our greatest sense of commonality is the independence and freedom we and our customers share in providing products that most appropriately serve farmer customers.

Nufarm provides products in three forms. Basic, straight active ingredients are available for customers who have their own blending lines and produce their own seed treatment products.

For customers wanting the simplicity of premixed products, Nufarm provides registered combinations using registered products that are blended in the right proportions with the proper polymers and colors. These products minimize EPA paperwork and are available to seed companies and distributors over-the-counter through our channel partners.

Finally, for customers wanting a custom-made, private label seed treatment formulated for their specific environment, Nufarm has the experience and knowledge to create a product that will perform as well or better than mass-market products costing three or four times as much.

We have found a like-minded attitude with our customers toward product quality. Every seedsman I have ever known takes pride in delivering high-quality seed. We have the experience to know what can go wrong with a seed treatment product from production, active ingredient stability, and flowability, and the knowledge to make sure it never does.

We have spent time with our active ingredient suppliers and the suppliers of soft products – polymers, flow agents, colorants, etc. – to make sure our products will work with seeds and not clog seed production plants or plug farmers’ planters.

We are not just another supplier offering cheap prices. Nufarm has put together a quality business to develop quality products that perform. We and our customers have a like-minded attitude toward quality. We both strive to achieve the highest standards for our products.