Hear from some of the bright lights in the seed industry. The publishers of Seed World took the opportunity to chat with various exhibitors at the ASTA CSS 2010 & Seed Expo in Chicago in December. Find the From the Floor video series at SeedWorld.com.
“We just announced that we’re going to be out licensing Syngenta soybeans to the independent seed companies…” Ron Wulfkuhle of GreenLeaf Genetics
“We treated some seeds with just water and some with our product Stamina, grew the seedlings and then exposed them to low temperatures … and we found the seeds treated with Stamina have much lower rate of mortality.” Kelly Liberator of BASF
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Online Module Explains Plant Genetic Resources
Bioversity International has recently published a new online training module called the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture and its Standard Material Transfer Agreement. The module aims to “explain the Treaty in the context of other international agreements and how to use its SMTA to exchange crop diversity.”
In addition, the module provides tips in the conduct of various activities associated with plant genetic resources including the understanding of legislation related to access of genetic resources, intellectual property rights relevant to research on plant genetic resources and various materials to further enhance the capacity of scientists working on plant genetic resources research and conservation. Materials are available in English, French and Spanish.
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