Steve DeJong President, Profile Industries, Inc.

It appears to be a Sleeping Giant waking from a long winter’s nap! With all its special qualities and challenging issues, hemp has quickly become the most talked-about plant on the market today! The hemp industry seems to have woken up many different industries, at least in curiosity if nothing else. If necessity is the mother of invention, then the hemp industry is a close family member who needs innovative problem-solving solutions that are efficient and effective. 

We have seen some innovative hemp processing machines out in the field. Many are existing machines with an adjustment here and an added part there. Some are being successful; others are reaching out for additional help! Raw Innovation is fascinating! 

I have had the opportunity to offer help, advice, assistance, and solutions to several hemp facilities. It has been so educational. Recently, too much seed was getting into a smokable hemp product. When we received a call for help to get the hemp seeds separated from the leaves. It was more than a request. It was a plea. If too much seed is packed into a smokable hemp product, it has the ability to Snap, Crackle and Pop! That may be great for breakfast but not for a smoke! Occasionally, the larger seeds sound like a mini firecracker! That is cool only when you are prepared for it! Creating a solution for this application was a challenge that we were willing to accept. We developed a solution and the client made a very important deadline. PHEW!

As the future of the hemp industry continues to fascinate curiosities, it is driving innovation to a new level. While new uses for the different parts of this miraculous plant are being invented and perfected, many other industries, companies, and people will be watching with anticipation and excitement. The ongoing transformation of the hemp industry has been something to watch. The future is not a guarantee; however, it brings a promise that the world is an ever-changing, fascinating place to be in! 

The Sleeping Giant is awake and opening doors around the world. Things could get even more fascinating with more time and more hemp developments! It appears that is what the hemp is going on!