Steve DeJong President, Profile Industries, Inc.

I am continually asking my team to ”jump out of their comfort zone” and “think outside the box.” Now it was my turn when I set out to create my first company video. The first thing that came to mind is that it is not easy talking about myself in front of the camera. 

I decided to step out of MY comfort zone and record a corporate video with Seed World last month. I am so glad I did! The experience was fun and educational. Also, I might add rewarding. Once I was over the initial camera fright.  I started to relax. As I was preparing for the video. I went through all sorts of content in my head. As an engineer, I slightly over-thought what I wanted to get across. When it came time for lights, camera, action, I realized I just needed to be myself. That was much easier than what I had built up in my head.

Some Takeaways From My Adventure

It’s tough to talk about yourself on camera or no camera. Preparation time is important but don’t over-think it. Take a deep breath and get comfortable with your voice, twitches, and movements. Most importantly, be yourself and have fun. 

I will probably never be an online personality. Nonetheless, I was able to identify that my communication skills are pretty good. I am confident in my company and comfortable in what I get to do each day. Using innovation as a catalyst for my team and our products has been an important contributor to our success. 

When it was all over, I patted myself on the back, and my team was impressed with my ability to share what we do and how we do it. Being a leader means stepping out and stepping up to challenges in order to motivate yourself and your team’s innovative abilities. 

I am passionate about our business, our equipment, and how we serve our customers and our industry. Making this video helped me express these passions in a broader manner that will be mutually beneficial to all of us.