Ketty Nilsson President, NoroGard

Size matters, but bigger is not always better. The world is changing to smaller and smaller equipment in most aspects of our lives, especially if you are on the cutting edge. However, it is important to keep in mind that smaller machines do not equal less capacity. Footprint, efficiency and corporate sustainability are three reasons why size matters.

Today’s seed treatment plants are often equipped with large size machinery, despite having very little available space. Furthermore, new trends are spreading where seeds are treated with more products, adding more value which often requires a seed drying system. Due to this, equipment footprint is vital to each organization within the seed treatment industry. The solution is a more compact seed treater which utilizes space more efficiently. Investing in a more compact treater will also make room for a seed drying system.

NoroGard seed treaters have become cutting-edge technology for the mobile seed treatment industry where it is especially important to use a small space for high capacity equipment. Keeping electricity consumption to a minimum is another consideration on mobile seed processors. These issues all relate to the environmental factors within seed treatment equipment, an area where NoroGard is continuously working to make improvements.

NoroGard seed treaters were originally designed by a local blacksmith with an aim of using as little material as possible for economic reasons. This led to the company spirit we stand for today. Nonetheless, NoreGard continues to strive to come up with new innovations and solutions to improve corporate sustainability and minimize our environmental impact by, for example, minimizing electricity consumption with improved designs. Compact seed treaters require less material which saves natural resources and thereby decreases our environmental impact.

The third reason why size matters is the cleaning procedures of your seed treatment equipment. Not only does cleaning of a compact machine minimize the environmental impact by decreasing the amount of contaminated cleaning water to discard, it also provides higher operator safety and improved operator working environment.

NoroGard seed treaters have very few moving parts. The compact size makes it easier for operators to safely clean the equipment with less chance of accident or injury. Easy cleaning also provides quick and efficient cleaning procedures which result in less downtime and higher productivity.

Compact equipment size not only utilizes small spaces more efficiently, it may also provide higher capacity, opportunities to decrease environmental impact, improve corporate sustainability, minimize the amount of contaminated cleaning water and minimize electricity consumption.