A whopping 97 percent of growers who planted LibertyLink® rated it “good” to “excellent,” beating the ratings of both new and established platforms currently on the market.

New research reveals growers’ highest rated soybean trait platform of 2017

Overuse of glyphosate has become a serious concern for soybean growers. As the 2018 growing season approaches, seed companies are left with the task of offering solutions that manage glyphosate-resistant and tough-to-manage weeds for real yield. Solutions that are proven to work. Solutions that growers trust.

According to a new independent market research survey, LibertyLink® continues to be that solution. It was the highest rated trait platform of the year among growers of various trait systems across 21 states. The survey, conducted by Kynetec, asked growers about their level of satisfaction with their soybean trait platforms.

A whopping 97 percent of growers who planted LibertyLink rated it “good” to “excellent,” beating the ratings of both new and established platforms currently on the market. The study also found that while yield is important, a majority of growers pointed to resistant weed control as their top reason for their 2018 seed trait decision. Nearly 500 growers participated in the survey, rating their experience with various platforms, describing what they look for when making planting decisions, and their satisfaction with trait and herbicide performance.

Growers’ preference for LibertyLink was also reflected in expected acreage for 2018. The research found that LibertyLink acres are projected to increase by more than 25 percent in 2018. Growers across the country anticipate planting more than 17 million acres of LibertyLink soybeans.

The survey also found that LibertyLink is expected to gain market share in most states, with the largest increases in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska. As a result, LibertyLink has gone from six percent market share in 2015 to an estimated 20 percent in 2018.

With weed control top of mind as growers make decisions for 2018, the results from the research also found that growers are impressed with the overall performance of Liberty® herbicide and its control of resistant weeds. Control of resistant weeds and best broadleaf control were the top reasons growers of LibertyLink chose the trait. Liberty was also rated highly for ease of use and lack of off-target movement.

The LibertyLink system combines high-performing genetics with the power of Liberty herbicide for excellent weed control and real yield. This combination is the pre-eminent weed management system for tough-to-control weeds. As trait systems evolve and decisions become more complex, seed companies can be sure of one thing: the LibertyLink trait platform is grower’s number one choice.