In a fast-moving world, Total Seed Production likes to pause to appreciate things around them.

We often take things for granted in life that we should be showing a huge amount of appreciation for: our food, people who work jobs we don’t want to work, the amount of time people who do those jobs have to work…

One major job we’ve thought about recently that people take for granted is farming. Farmers produce our food, work extreme hours, miss holidays and yet, they often don’t get thanked for their efforts.

We’ve reached a point in the world where everything moves so fast, that it seems as though our lives move a mile a minute. The older we get, the faster time seems to fly – but that’s not the only thing. Technology moves at a faster pace, and therefore, we feel that we as well should move at a faster pace. The evolution of things becoming faster create frustrations in our lives, whether it’s when you get stuck behind a tractor on the road or you’re sitting behind a slow-moving computer.

The typical workday of a Total Seed Production employee is similar to most people in agriculture production — long days and hard work. It’s difficult to schedule and stick to a specific routine because the agriculture sector is weather dependent. When it comes down to it, we (literally) have to make hay when we can. It’s a lot of long hours when weather is conducive in a particular season, and our employees have to sacrifice weekends, holidays and time spent elsewhere.

Farmers work the same types of days. Sometimes, farming requires you to miss holidays like Fourth of July or Labor Day, because they fall in peak agriculture times. All production jobs, whether it’s at Total Seed Production or on the farm, is labor intensive and mentally stressing.

So why do we continue?

We find appreciation and accomplishment in everything we do. Everyone enjoys finishing things, right? We take a seed, we fight Mother Nature and we work for it. After everything is said and done, we feel accomplished and successful, and we have a sense of sheer pride for our product. That product is going all over the world: locally to our own community and globally to feed the world.

Most of all, we appreciate farmers like us. Besides the long days and hard work, farmers produce artisan products — if you get excited about homemade pie, get excited about how long it takes to grow the apples to fill it and the grain to make the flour! No matter if you buy a one-dollar cheeseburger or twenty ingredients to make a meal, always remembering the time and effort it took to produce the ingredients will give you a sense of thanks….every single day.

With everything in the world so readily available to us, we forget about how long and how hard it is to grow our food. Maybe it’s time for us to slow down, take a breath and remember to appreciate everyone who gives us what we need to survive: farmers.

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