Ketty Nilsson President, NoroGard

Maintaining a competitive advantage requires that you go beyond the traditional strategies to increase quality and lower production costs. New technologies and the evolution of human behavior call for machines that continuously adapt to their operating environments.

Modern machines are smarter, safer and greener. They are more connected, flexible and efficient. Using smart technology, they enable preventive maintenance, easy collaboration and lower cost of ownership.

Smart agriculture is a growing field, with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology available to track the location and condition of livestock, monitor the growing conditions of crops, and optimize the performance of farm equipment (using precise geo-location to minimize wastage in crop-spraying operations, for example).

High-value crops can be monitored by wireless sensors for a range of parameters (air temperature, humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture, leaf wetness, atmospheric pressure, solar radiation, trunk/stem/fruit diameter, wind speed and direction, and rainfall), with real-time data gathered by an on-site gateway, sent to the cloud and accessed via Internet-connected computers or smartphones. This information allows irrigation and other agricultural interventions to be precisely matched to local growing conditions.

The seed treatment equipment of today has sophisticated supervision and operation systems and it’s a great advantage to be able to communicate with your Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).

  • You can supervise your seed treatment from anywhere, using your PC, tablet or even your phone. You get information on how much you have treated, how much products you have used etc. You have access to your quality control and operating panel anywhere you are.
  • If something should happen, engineers can easily access the PLC of your seed treater and do damage control. They can determine what´s failing and also talk to the machine. This saves time and maybe also a trip for the service manager.
  • Engineers can upgrade or reprogram the PLC for you from anywhere in the world.

A sophisticated supervision system makes sure the seed is treated according to your recipe. You tell the system your credentials and tolerances. The machine will continuously control the flow and the seed treatment process. If anything out of the ordinary happens, the seed treater will tell you. The M2M Internet connection on your treater will help to address the issue in a quick and smooth manner. Maybe you are located out far from the service provider, perhaps even on a mobile seed treatment truck. With a sophisticated Internet-connected supervision system, you have access to all technical support if needed.