Devon Ingo Marketing Manager, Oliver Manufacturing

When it comes to marketing and fostering customer relationships, there are a number of approaches that can be used. These include distributing a company newsletter, attending tradeshows, hosting educational sessions, making a personal phone call, or better yet a face-to-face site visit. Each of these offers advantages and disadvantages, and one should not exclusively rely on a single approach. Instead, a multi-pronged approach must be taken.

Whether you provide a product or a service, we all recognize that value is defined by our customers. As such, this year we have strategically decided to focus our resources on visiting customers at their facilities and in their offices. There is no better way to get a full understanding of a customer’s needs, challenges, successes and the value that we can provide customers than by meeting them in their locations. This means we won’t be at some of the trade shows where you might normally see us, but you can count on us to be reaching out to visit you in your plants and offices. While trade shows are great for networking, showing industry support, broadening your prospect base and building brand awareness, the trade show environment makes it difficult to engage in quality discussions that allow us to build relationships and add the most value for customers.

We want to help customers grow their business, and the best way for us to do that is to better understand the unique needs of each customer. Seeing their facility and sitting across from them will allow us to custom tailor our recommendations and help them find solutions.

Oliver Manufacturing is a family-owned business and we want our customers to feel they are a part of our family. We want to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the solutions and equipment coming out of our manufacturing facility in Colorado. As such, we have three teams of two Oliver representatives hitting the road for two to three weeks to visit customers. We’ll be visiting customers each week and look forward to learning more about their businesses, the unique challenges they face and any feedback or recommendations they might have for us.

While this is a significant investment, we believe the value garnered from these site visits will yield substantial insight.

Call me today to see if we will be in your area. I can be reached at 719-254-7813 and look forward to talking with you.