Since 1915: The Seed Industry in 1962



Pictured here is the Peace Bridge, an international bridge between Canada and the United States located at the east end of Lake Erie at the source of the Niagara River. It connects Buffalo, N.Y., to the Town of Fort Erie in Ontario, Canada — just 100 miles from Toronto. It’s here that the American Seed Trade Association hosted its 1962 annual meeting. “Not since 1930 have we held a meeting in Canada, and it seemed time to cross the border and renew friendships and make new acquaintances among our Canadian counterparts,” wrote ASTA president James Wallace in his formal invitation found in this issue of Seed World.

Seed World, June 22, 1962

Seed World, June 22, 1962


2,700 pounds is the amount of alfalfa harvested on one site in the San Joaquin Valley that was attributed to a concentration of natural wild pollinators.

15,000 leafcutter bees are needed to yield some 90,000 in the first generation and rise to 300,000 before the year’s end, according to a California study on the effectiveness of pollinators in alfalfa fields.

$1 billion is the estimated increase in federal funding to farmers in 1961, compared to the previous year.

1,055,872 farmers took part in the Agricultural Conservation Program in 1960.

407 million acres of U.S. cropland will be needed by 1980 to meet foreign and domestic agriculture needs.


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