A New Seed Germinator
A necessary part of the equipment of every modern seed store is a good seed germinator for determining the vitality of the seeds handled. A germinator has recently been placed on the market by a Chicago firm that incorporates several new principles of construction. It is built entirely of metal and glass, the latter forming the sides and top. This allows the progress of the tests to be watched without opening the machine. As seed germinates faster when exposed to the light, this device will complete tests in an average of two days quicker than by any other method.


Interstate Trade Barriers Work Hardships on Members of Nursery Industry
Charging that regulations issued under the quarantine laws of some states are so oppressive as to make it impossible for out-of-state nursery firms to do business, representatives of the trade and the government last week impressed upon the Temporary National Economic Committee the pressing need for prompt action to level interstate trade barriers.


Who’s Who in the Seed Trade: W.R. “Bill” Herron
W.R. Herron (Bill to all his acquaintances notwithstanding the fact that the “W” is for Wilbert and not William) was elected president of the American Seed Trade Association during its 1965 Minneapolis convention. The “facts of life,” as Bill dubbed the biographical sketch we requested, read pretty much like a Horatio Alger story, for his rise has been slow but sure. Bill has been associated with the seed industry for almost 40 years, becoming an employee of the John L. Kellogg Seed Company of Chicago in 1926 after leaving the farm in southwestern Iowa where he was born and reared.