The first issue of Seed World was published in 1915. Here the editors will take you back in time to explore the numbers, news and issues that impacted the seed industry — all covered by Seed World.

A Moment in Time

This March 1963 issue features the Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association in West Lafayette, Ind., and its new seed plant. Planning started in 1959. At the time, plant managers expected the new plant to handle at least 20,000 bushels of soybeans, 16,000 bushels of wheat, 10,000 bushels of oats and 500,000 pounds of popcorn seed in its first season of operation. The association was incorporated in 1938. During its first year, 20 acres of single-crossed seed corn were planted. As of 1963, the association had contributed more than $500,000 to the Purdue Experiment Station to help finance the development of new crop varieties.


3,600 acres of seed are produced by the Agricultural Alumni Seed Improvement Association.

75 years of operation is celebrated by the Burpee Fordhook Farm at Doylestown, Penn., the oldest flower and vegetable research farm in America.

73% is the increase in trade on behalf of the European Economic Community within the Common Market between 1958 and 1963.

85% is the rate of accuracy with which dust storm conditions on the Great Plains could be predicted by USDA through its wind erosion climatic index.

50% of U.S. seed exports go to the European market.