Since 1915: A Look Back to 1964


The first issue of Seed World was published in 1915. Here the editors will take you back in time to explore the numbers, news and issues that impacted the seed industry — all covered by Seed World.

A black and white image depicting tomato harvest in California

Seed World’s 1964 Cover



The cover showcases tomato harvest in Saticoy, California. Our November 1964 issue featured a column by Harry Kinder, general manager of California’s Caladino Farm Seeds Inc., who wrote about international relations in the seed industry. Kinder noted that, at the time, 15 percent of the total U.S. agricultural production goes to markets abroad. “The U.S. seed grower and merchant are dependent upon world market conditions. As production shifts, so does domestic and foreign demand. New-and-improved varieties of grasses and legumes from public and private research are replacing older, less productive varieties. I would say we have real opportunity to look forward to in our international relations and trade. In short, there is opportunity, if we know our markets.”


76 million pounds is the average amount of grass and legume seed imported into the United States from 1959 to 1964.

$644 million is the 1963 total earning of all California farm workers.

12 acres is the average size of most farms in Western Europe.

5.3 million pounds of field corn seed is imported into Canada in May.

2.5 acres is the average farm size in Japan.

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