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    Stine Seeds Continues to Innovate

    Twenty years after being awarded the first-ever U.S. soybean patents, America’s largest privately-owned seed company continues to innovate. Farmers in the United States planted a record 84.8 million...

    What Farmers Want

    Are you delivering? There’s a lot of pressure to meet the expectations of farmers and capture market share in today’s competitive environment. Seed World sits down with select farmers...

    Cross Pollination

    Ag Company Ranks In Top 10 BrandsCoreBrand, a brand consulting firm with offices in New York, New York, and Santa Monica, California, released its list of the world’s 10...

    Through the Eyes of Two World Food Prize Laureates

    Two World Food Prize laureates emphasize areas of need in meeting the grand challenge of feeding 9 billion people by 2050. This is the challenge, says Phil Nelson,...

    A World Without Neonics

    Industry and growers in the European Union feel the negative impact caused by the ban on neonicotinoid insecticides. In February 2013, the European Food Safety Agency identified a...

    It’s a Learning Obsession

    Seed World sits down with the 2014 Future Giant of the Seed Industry award winner and explores the realities that keep Chris Boomsma motivated. Far from his urban roots, on the...

    Protecting Pollinators

    Diseases Wreak Havoc on Hives This article is part of Seed World’s ongoing Protecting Pollinators series, brought to you by Bayer CropScience. Here, you’ll discover the answers to...

    Breeding in Africa Proves an Uphill Battle

    Abundant Resources Are Not an Entitlement Will sub-Saharan Africa be the next Brazil when it comes to soybean production? Governments and non-governmental organizations at the forefront of capacity-building...

    More Than Meets the Eye

    A look at how one company went from growing ornamental flowers to supplying the nutraceutical market with carotenoids. Marigolds are pretty to look at and can easily capture...

    Spotlight on ASTA

    The American Seed Trade Association covered a lot of ground during its 131st Annual Convention. Here are some of the highlights from Seed World’s coverage. Designated as a...

    Regulatory Roundup

    National EPA Closes Comment Period on Enlist Duo The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) closed the comment period on its proposed decision to register Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist Duo herbicide...

    World Status

    STATUS Australia The University of Queensland and Meat & Livestock Australia have developed a new psyllid-resistant Leucaena variety and are seeking interest from potential licensees. Leucaena is a tree...

    Inside the World Seed Congress

    Beijing played home to the global seed industry as delegates worked to eliminate trade barriers and promote the international movement of seed. Delegates of the International Seed Federation’s...

    Since 1915

    1943 Those New Sweet Corn Varieties By William L. Brown, Geneticist, Rogers Bros. Seed Company It has been predicted that the 1943 production of sweet corn will be...

    Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act Might Not Be So “Safe”

    Today, there’s no such thing as “contamination” of an organic crop by GMOs. However, that could soon change as the proposed Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act (HR 4432),...

    Breaking Down Biologicals

    Biologicals 101 There’s a great deal of hype within this sector of the market, and with that comes an abundance of terms and new language. This article walks...

    Rice Makes the World Go Around

    Breeding advancements improve the market value, efficiency and health benefits of the staple grain Half of the world’s population or more than 3.5 billion people depend on rice,...

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