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    Outlook on Agriculture: China

    With the 2014 ISF World Seed Congress in Beijing, China, coming up, it is worthwhile to take a look at how agriculture will develop in the coming decades and...

    Industry News – Late Summer 2013

    Industry News is geared to seed professionals and delivers the people, industry, business and product news you need to know. Submissions are welcome. Email us at news@issuesink.com. People News...

    Regulatory Roundup

    NATIONAL MBI Receives Patent on Active IngredientMarrone Bio Innovations, a provider of bio-based pest management products for the agricultural and water treatment markets, has been issued a patent...

    World Status

    An in-depth overview on the global seed industry. From logistics challenges in Brazil to a new Australian database for pasture seed products. Status Brazil This year is likely...

    Cross Pollination


    Protecting Pollinators: Honey Bee Stressors

    Part two of Seed World’s Protecting Pollinators series delves into the combination of stressors affecting honey bee health and threatening the honey bee pollination industry, potentially placing our global...

    Plant Breeders Look to the Future

    Plant Breeders Look to the Future Members of the National Association of Plant Breeders and the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee flocked to Florida to network, strategize and take in new...

    African Seed Industry Faces Challenges

    Challenges Hinder Seed Industry Development in Africa A patchwork quilt of more than 60 sovereign states, territories and de facto independent states comprises the continent of Africa. Natural resources abound. Food...

    Bowman vs Monsanto

    Supreme Court Holds: Patent Exhaustion Does Not Apply to Patented Seeds Patent law experts say the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the case of Bowman v. Monsanto...

    A New Tool for Plant Breeders

    New Tool for Breeders PINTO provides transparency to plant breeders. A new tool is available to breeders around the world in search of patent details related to plant varieties commercially available in...

    ISF’s Greek Triumph

    The ISF World Seed Congress in Greece was a rousing success. Seed World publisher Shawn Brook tells you why. Athens, Greece—home to the Acropolis, birthplace of the marathon and our...

    Greece Hosts ISF World Seed Congress

    World Congress Shows Seed Industry Vibrant as Ever There was no shortage of opportunities to learn, network and trade for attendees of ISF’s 2013 World Seed Congress in Athens, Greece. With...

    Modernizing Seed Movement in Europe

    Modernizing the Movement of Seed in Europe New marketing regulations should allow for stronger private sector involvement, say advocates. Although the foundation of Europe’s seed marketing rules remains solid, the time has...

    Treated Seed Stewardship

    Treated Seed Stewardship: A Tale of Two Continents In the face of increasing scrutiny over the relationship between neonicotinoids and bee health, seed associations and other industry stakeholders in North America...

    Globalization Continues to Reshape Seed Sector

    Consolidation is creating an increasing number of global opportunities for both large and small companies, seed experts say. As chairman and founder of AgriCapital, a respected private investment banking firm...

    Technology Takeoff

    Technology Takeoff More farmers are turning to biotech crops for production and sustainability benefits. Whether they’re still working the soil with four-legged horsepower or have upgraded to the four-wheeled variety, farmers...

    Sizing Up the Seed Sector

    With the adoption of new technology around the globe, and more mouths to feed, the seed industry is experiencing rapid growth. What size is the global seed industry today...