Seed World Tour


Shawn Brook, President of Seed World, travels to Monheim, Germany to speak with Bayer seed executives regarding the research, integrated strategies and the efforts placed their fields. See the Videos.

Dr. Heinz-Friedrich Schnier, Head of the SeedGrowth Center speaks with Shawn in the facilities about creating an integrated strategy for seed treatments and how the seeds, machinery and services of Bayer CropScience come together in a unique way.




Dr. Christian Maus, Global Pollinator Safety Manager, discusses the important role of honeybees and the steps Bayer CropScience has taken to invest in pollinator health and bee safety.

Shawn Brook, President of Seed World Media visits the Syngenta Head office in Basel, Switzerland where he discovers Syngenta’s efforts in feeding a growing world and tours their newest facility in Stein. See the Videos.


Franz Brandl, Head of the Seed Care Institute explains the new facility in Stein, Switzerland and the research of seed care technologies on different types of seeds.  Shawn Brook, President of Seed World, learns about the importance Syngenta puts on their crop protection services and quality assurance to their customers.



Davor Pisk, the Chief Operating Officer at Syngenta, speaks with Shawn Brook, President of Seed World at their head office in Basel, Switzerland. Mr. Pisk discusses the benefits of a good growth plan and Syngenta’s efforts to feed the world’s growing population in a sustainable way.






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