Students and those located near the University of California, Davis, are encouraged to sign up for Seed Central’s IP workshop. The basics of intellectual property (IP) workshop will be April 26 from 5-7 p.m., Pacific.

  • Students will learn about a variety of topics within the IP framework, as well as hear real stories that have happened within companies around IP. Topics and speakers include:
  • The work contract, Don Mendal, HM.CLAUSE general counsel AMPA.
  • The non-disclosure agreement, Mendal.
  • IP in the seed and ag biotech industry, James Weatherly, Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance (SIPA) executive director.
  • How IP and IP protection impact the work of industry researchers, and how do industry researchers protect their discoveries, Benito Juarez, Sakata Seed America hot pepper breeder.
  • In- and out-licensing of technology, Alissa Eagle, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds assistant general counsel.

“During a recent Seed Central field trip for students at a seed company, plant breeders explained in detail how the advent of intellectual property and intellectual property protection in the seed industry had changed the way they work,” says Francois Korn, Seed Central co-founder and managing director. “Since this is not the sort of thing students learn at university, it gave the impetus for a workshop on legal matters, and we expanded it to five topics, which recent graduates will encounter as they enter the workforce.”

There is no cost to attend the IP workshop, and registration can be done by contacting Weatherly at A pizza dinner is included as part of the workshop.

Weatherly says the speakers and topics included as part of the workshop will really help to give students a good idea of what to expect as it relates to IP when they enter the workforce, the different types of IP they might encounter, how to handle it and benefit from it.