Seed Brand DONMARIO Markets Soybeans in the U.S.


Soybean growers now have a new option for global genetics and seed. DONMARIO is now marketing soybeans in the U.S. for the first time.

DONMARIO, with U.S. headquarters in Gibson City, Illinois, is part of one of the largest soybean genetics companies in the world, but has never before sold seed in the U.S. Focusing strictly on developing leading genetics for local geographies, the brand is dedicated to providing soybean growers in the US with the highest yielding soybeans on the market, packaged together with the latest traits, technology and extensive agronomic insight.

“We believe the time is right for a family-owned seed brand, with world-class genetics and a customer-first orientation to have success in the United States,” says Ignacio Bartolome, U.S. & Canada business director for GDM Seeds, parent company of the DONMARIO brand. “We have been developing exciting new varieties in the US for over 12 years, and believe growers are going to be very pleased with the results of our elite breeding program.”

DONMARIO has more than 100 U.S. yield research locations and is testing over 100,000 new soybean varieties in the U.S. annually. The group operates soybean breeding centers in Gibson City, Illinois, and Marion, Arkansas, with a third breeding center in southwestern Minnesota planned to open in January 2019. DONMARIO group brings cutting-edge breeding and research techniques to these locations, which are focused on developing genetics that will exceed the expectations of growers across local geographies throughout the U.S.

In 2019, DONMARIO will be marketed by Burrus Seed of Arenzville, IL and available to growers across their footprint in Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa and Wisconsin. Other distribution partners in key soybean production areas are in negotiation. As new genetics and distribution partners are brought to market and aligned that geography will expand rapidly.

“We expect DONMARIO to be a national brand here in the U.S.,” says Bartolome. “We have great respect for the productivity of the American farmer, and believe they are exactly the type of producers who find value in a brand like DONMARIO. We know how to put the customer first and develop elite genetics, and these are the type of progressive growers that appreciate that focus and capability.”

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    Sir. We are from India. Can we market your soyabean genetics in india.

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