Established in 1996 and based in Buenos Aires-Argentina, Satus Ager is the largest service provider in the Southern Hemisphere, offering seed production, conditioning and export services worldwide.

In line with its corporate goal to increase the strategic partnership with clients at regional level, Satus Ager, with support from its partners Remington Seeds and Victoria Capital Partners, has recently signed an agreement to purchase Tecnoseeds operations in Argentina and Brazil.

Thanks to this transaction, Satus Ager will enter the Brazilian market, expanding its regional presence to provide additional seed services. Satus Ager, with operations in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay. Tecnoseeds, with presence in Argentina and Brazil.

Satus Ager provides services to the major seed companies across the world. The acquisition agreement will help streamline the entire service provider process, increasing efficiency and innovation to tailor solutions to each location needs, and finally consolidating Satus Ager’s regional leadership. Remington seeds is fully supportive of Satus Ager’s expansion activities in the Southern Hemisphere.

Remington Seeds along with its regional partners are now able to provide systems and services that deliver solutions for production, processing, and distribution for multiple crops across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Victoria Capital Partners (“VCP”) is an independent regionally dedicated private equity firm focused on investing in South America. VCP manages capital mainly for large institutional investors and since its inception, it has raised approximately US$ 1.8 billion in capital commitments. VCP is managed by a group of Latin American private equity professionals with extensive experience investing in the region.

Martin Jarmoluk, Satus Ager’s CEO, announced the agreement to acquire Tecnoseeds.

“We are very pleased with this agreement, and we will continue pursuing our goal to provide high quality services to the seed industry, honoring our foundational values of transparency, confidentiality and customer support,” Martín Jarmoluk said.

“After merging both companies, we will become one of the largest service providers in the world, and this new dimension will permit us to keep on supporting our customers in releasing new products and technologies, besides fulfilling their own growth strategies.

“In all its locations, Satus Ager is focused on operating as a local company, blending into the local culture and market, while keeping its strong commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility.”