In the March print issue of Germination we ran a story called “Canadian PBR is a Model for the World”.

The story contained an infographic with some mistakes that we would like to point out and apologize for.

Firstly, the infographic — which was meant to show the countries in Latin America that have ratified or acceded to UPOV 78/91 — neglected to show that both Chile and Uruguay are UPOV members.

In addition, the country of Bolivia should have been listed with its full name — Bolivia (Plurinational State of).

Furthermore, the infographic stated that the information came from UPOV. In fact, the information was compiled by Germination and the oversights were our fault, not UPOV’s.

The correct information is now available at the following URLs:

Again, we humbly apologize to UPOV and its member countries Chile, Uruguay and the Plurinational State of Bolivia for the mistakes.