The “Blue Angel” was the first “bluish” hibiscus created by the Texas A&M AgriLife Research program in Vernon. The bluish color intensifies in shade, but in full sunlight it is purplish. (Texas A&M AgriLife Research photo by Dr. Dariusz Malinowski)

Like an artist using the paint on a palette, Dariusz Malinowski is mixing pollen to create a flowering masterpiece in the form of tropically colored winter-hardy hibiscus.
Three years after the Texas A&M AgriLife Research breeding team in Vernon created the first blue-flowering winter-hardy hibiscus, they have come up with a new salmon-colored garden jewel, Malinowski said.
“In the past six years, we have disclosed to the Texas A&M University System Office of Technology and Commercialization more than 180 unique lines of winter-hardy hibiscus with very unusual flower and leaf color and shape.”
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