Quality Seed Handling – from Beginning to End

- Jason Kaeb

With the value of seed reaching new levels each year and the investments in cutting-edge research continuing to play such a large part in the development of new products, it is no wonder that the importance of handling seed gently and efficiently continues to gain acceptance and popularity in a wider range of operations.

In the past, it was common for gentle handling techniques to be used by the industry whenever handling processed bulk seed. The increased investment in cleaning, sorting, grading and conditioning seed easily justified the use of smooth-wall bins, belt conveyors, seed ladders and other cushioning devices, especially by retail locations and seed treatment operations.

It was less common to see these techniques used by growers until recently. While low commodity prices and tight margins have growers looking at ways to pinch pennies and cut costs, they’re also looking at ways to increase profit on what they’re already doing.

One of the things growers are looking at is the return on investment for implementing equipment that allows for more gentle handling options, such as seed tenders with belt conveyors.

On the other end of the spectrum, production plants offer seed producers premiums from seed companies for delivering seed that is cleaner and shows less damage out of the field. These premiums alone have convinced many seed producers to replace augers with belt conveyors to fill and unload bins.

Working to deliver a higher quality product and taking advantage of premiums is one way that growers and producers can add a little cushion to their bottom line.

Remember: At KSi, we’ve seen that once these growers and seed producers start using our conveyors, they end up using them for more than just the intended purpose. Growers say they enjoy the quality construction, quiet operation, energy savings and safety features — so much so, they begin to use them for handling grain and other materials. This only furthers the use and acceptance of these handling methods.