Tim Birkel Vice President Strategic Markets and Accounts, Nufarm Americas

Tim Birkel first joined Nufarm Americas in 2002 as a marketing and product development specialist. He’s since climbed the ranks working in the Vegetation and Forestry Business Unit, Nuseed USA and Nuseed North America. Today, Birkel is responsible for leading the strategy and direction of Nufarm’s Seed Treatment business, as well as the Vegetation Management and Forestry business. He’s also a member of Nufarm’s Business Direction Leadership team and has account management responsibilities. Birkel is a graduate of Truman State University (bachelor’s in agriculture) and Park University where he earned his MBA.

Have you ever left a car dealership feeling frustrated because the sales representative tried to sell you something that wasn’t the best fit for you? A Ford dealer will try to sell you a Ford, even though there’s a Chevy just across the street that might better meet your needs.

As the creator and developer of products, you’re tied to selling those products — not necessarily pointing a customer in the other direction for a product that helps them best achieve their goals. We get that, but farmers shouldn’t be limited.

In the global market, Nufarm has been an independent player in the seed treatment business for more than 40 years. In the past 10 years, we’ve been investing our resources in the U.S. market to make sure growers have access to the best molecules on the market with no strings attached to a company, hybrid or variety.

In 2013, we opened our Alsip, Ill., site, which produces fungicides, insecticides, growth regulators and seed treatments. This state-of-the-art facility includes a full quality control lab, a pilot plant and unique custom-blend capabilities.

Our PhDs and formulation specialists are committed to providing custom-fit chemistries with proven performance at a value. Plus, we have a dedicated seed treatment sales team that works directly with farmers, retailers and other seed companies.

Together the sales team and formulation specialists develop unique blends and unique products to meet the needs of their local area when it comes to wheat, cereals and soybeans.

If a farmer is looking for an economical product that is going to provide protection, we can create a mix. If a farmer is looking for a high quality fungicide only treatment, we can do that. And if a farmer is looking for a premium treatment with an insecticide, fungicide and nutrient enhancement package, we can deliver.

It’s really a no-strings attached philosophy. Customers don’t have to buy a specific seed brand to get the treatment or performance they want, and they don’t have to sacrifice protection.

We all know that in today’s low commodity price environment, every bushel counts and every seed planted needs to yield to its potential. Our team at Nufarm gets that. Our formulation specialists are working behind the scenes to provide that protection, while ensuring our custom-fit chemistries flow good, are stable and fluid, and can easily be applied.