Ketty Nilsson President, NoroGard

Last week my daughter graduated from high school. It was a beautiful, sunny day and all the students where high on life. Proud parents, family and friends gathered and celebrated great achievements and a promising future.

I walked down memory lane back to my final year in high school. I was studying technical engineering and we were 30 students—25 boys and five girls. That year, 1989, computer science was introduced to the Swedish education system, but in our case, we could attend on a voluntary basis, and it was a two-hour session scheduled weekly on a late Friday afternoon.

As we entered our classroom for the first time, our teacher, a middle-aged man named Bert, was a bit concerned. He had definitely not expected 100 percent attendance. His concern was he didn’t have enough books for all students. So, as he started handing out the books, he stated that since he only had 25 books, he was going to supply the boys with the books, “since the girls won’t be able to understand any of this anyway.” 

I gathered my belongings and when he asked me where I was going, I said: “Well, since I won’t learn anything in your classes, I won’t waste another minute here,” … and I have never regretted closing that door. I am quite convinced Bert didn’t lead digital evolution to where it is today….

Today I own the most sophisticated software for seed treatment equipment in the world. I do daily follow-ups on the latest innovations on Industrial Internet of Things and run the developments and innovations that benefit our clients most.

Not only do I understand the technology, I also understand the value it adds to the industry. Our clients can work from anywhere, programming their recipes from any device, even from the beach, if you like…. You can supervise your application quality and statistics on several seed plants, no matter your location. 

Our certified technicians can access technical support or troubleshoot worldwide within minutes. And for distant mobile treaters we can make sure service brings the proper spare parts and tools before flying out to the Australian bush.

Our automatic software makes it easy to clean out your treater and dosing systems. This is great for an operator’s work environment, and it saves costs and downtime. But it also confirms my conviction, you should never waste a Friday afternoon unless you have to.

And by the way, Bert, I do understand the language of ones and zeroes, 1-0 for me.