Is the Organic Tail Wagging DC?


Just 0.7 percent of total farmland is organic in America. And yet, the people in Washington who work in America’s most important sector, farming, wasted the last 16 years trying to compromise with a special-interest group that has no respect for science.

Under the last two administrations (R and D) this tiny tail wagged the dog in Washington DC, with nary a farm bureau, commodity group or industry lobbyist having the guts to stand up to a group of subsidized, urban organic activists who demand “protection” from technologies that pose no threat whatsoever to organic farms. Of these technologies, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) should, in truth, be embraced by these activists. But they rejected GMOs purely for appearance-sake, while Presidents Bush and Obama stood silent.

Organic sales in America account for 4 percent of total food sales, more than 5-times the amount of land under organic management, meaning anti-GMO organic retailers rely on imports 80 percent of the time, putting the lie to the ruse that buying organic supports American farmers.

Meanwhile, organics accounted for a whopping 7 percent of all food recalls in America last year, almost double what one would expect according to sales, 10-times what one would expect from America’s organic acreage! But rather than address this public-health menace, the most important advancement in agricultural science in the last 100 years is attacked on the Floor of Congress and in the media, and is crushed under a mountain of useless red tape as stakeholders and politicians on both sides of the aisle agonize over how to appease the leaders of America’s diminutive anti-GMO sector.

President Clinton had it almost right when he attempted to unite organic and GMO farming. But organic activists drowned-out the voices of American farmers, and America’s National Organic Program became law with an absolute exclusion on all GMOs, no exceptions, even in cases where GMO crops require no pesticides, making them ideal candidates for organic certification.

Meanwhile, a half-million kids will go blind and die this year in the Third World while GMO Golden Rice that could provide them with Beta carotene remains in regulatory limbo thanks to organic activists who claim it will contaminate organic crops and lead to unspecified health effects.

Instead of driving this propaganda wedge deeper, President Donald J. Trump can return farming in America to what it was before a handful of activists took control in our nation’s capital. Failing such unity, brace yourself for European food prices, triple what you’re accustomed to paying, with no benefit.

Mischa Popoff is a Policy Advisor at The Heartland Institute, and is the author of Is it Organic? The inside story of the organic industry. The full version of this article is available on The Daily Caller.

4 responses to “Is the Organic Tail Wagging DC?”

  1. Richard Snook says:

    Nothing wrong with the science in organic farming! Keeping food options grown without damaging chemistry that eventually disrupts human biology….is an idea that that is gaining more and more acceptance amount consumers – for good reason! Organic supports better human health – and that is fact! That’s why more Americans are supporting local organic farmers that ever before. Glyphosate is no bargain when it comes to the disruption it causes in our bodies – as more and more independent studies are discovering. For optimal health, organic are the only way to eat!

    • Tom Ehrhardt says:

      Human health and animal health are direct beneficiaries of organic agriculture and organic practices. The primary reason for this is that organic practices use NO inorganic pesticides, herbicides, nematicides, neonic seed treatments, fungicides and limited antibiotics. The crop rotations, and animal husbandry practices most organic agriculture follows also benefit soil health and water quality. Better soil health and cleaner water are good for everyone.

      Organic agriculture also allows small farms to make a living on fewer acres. The more small farms in rural America, the stronger rural communities are, and the stronger America is.

      Organic farm seed is the fastest growing segment of our business. What it tells us is that people CARE about how their food is produced and are willing to pay more for the USDA Organic Label. Why do you think Hormel bought Applegate meats? Why does General MIlls advertise Cheerios as a Non-GMO product? Why does Dannon want silage for their milk cows that is from Non-GMO corn? Why does Organic Valley keep adding organic dairy farms to their production?

      DEMAND for Organic Food and the sustainable practices they represent is not going away.

    • Eric Bjerregard says:

      No organic doesn’t support human health. That is a myth. And your off topic shot at glyphosate is also wrong. post a few of those so-called studies and folks will show up and quickly explain that they are nonsense. Try starting with Carman or seralini.

  2. Marcel says:

    Dear Richard,
    You could not be more wrong. The US organic industry has approved over 3000 toxic pesticides for use in organic farming, many of which are neurotoxins or with a toxic profile requiring “Danger” labels. For more details and exactly how dangerous these pesticides are, see this article:

    There is NO peer-reviewed article that states that organic is better for human health. Please note that I am talking about peer-reviewed science, not fake, pseudo ‘scientific’ articles. When reading through such texts, please make sure you verify that you’re actually reading valid science and not some bogus (and there’s a lot of that!).

    And here’s what happens if you serve McDonalds food to food experts, telling them it is organic food:

    Still not convinced? Here’s 20 more reasons why not to feed your family organic.
    All very valid reasons.

    I am a great believer in options, and I think people should have a choice (organic, conventional, GM etc.) wherever they go. I prefer vegetarian food and support insect based and algae based food production, but will avoid organic, because of all the dangers attached to it. So many people have gotten ill and died because of eating organic food. Here is a link talking about the thousands of illnesses and deaths caused by organic food:
    (there’s many more links talking about the illnesses and deaths caused by organic food)

    Even Wikipedia states that there is no evidence that organic food is safer of healthier than conventionally grown food. Even a better taste can’t be proven:

    A study by the Oxford University shows that organic varieties actually produce more carbon emissions per unit of food, contributing to the devastating effects of climate change.

    About glyphosate: the head of the European food Safety Authority (EFSA) just stated “…the thing with carcinogenicity of glyphosate, if it exists at all, is seen at such levels that you would have to eat the food of 20,000 people every day in order to reach it. And this is unlikely to happen,” See here for the article—20728.htm#0-linkedin-1-21813-1fa24a716d9c05123354ed78a0ed9eaa

    There is just so much real evidence out there, and that is fact! All we need to do is read it.

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