Harvest results indicate that NK corn and soybeans are delivering high yields on farms across the U.S. Backed by the extensive research and development capabilities of Syngenta, NK provides farmers additional value through unique choice, rigorous seed quality management and a competitive financing offer.

All NK hybrids and varieties are developed from one of the industry’s largest and most diverse germplasm pools. Continued innovation pushes the brand’s genetic performance forward to help maximize whole-farm return on investment (ROI) potential.

“Our hybrids and varieties went head to head against key competitors in both our own and retailers’ plots this season and came out on top, delivering strong yields across the country,” says Quinn Showalter, head of NK Sales. “We innovate with a singular focus – to help farmers thrive by maximizing their ROI potential – and these results show we’re delivering on that promise.”

Innovative corn hybrids

This fall’s performance reflects a near-decade of genetic gain for the revitalized NK corn portfolio. Bred from the industry’s most diverse set of genetics and equipped with industry-leading Agrisure traits, NK hybrids outperformed key competitors across the country.

Those released over the past two years had particularly strong showings. For example:

  • In 2018 trials conducted by Farmers’ Independent Research of Seed Technologies (FIRST), new NK0886-3010 brand secured 14 finishes in the top 10, including nine in the top five with yields as high as 275.2 bushels per acre (bu/A).
  • Similarly, NK1354-3110 brand saw seven finishes in the top 10 and four in the top five.

“These results are no surprise to us,” says Joe Bollman, NK corn product manager. “All NK hybrids are extensively tested against key competitive products before being sold to farmers, ensuring that our products are truly going to help them maximize their ROI potential. Our 2018 performance shows that work is paying off.”

Every year, company breeders produce and test more than 1 million corn genotypes, using their award-winning system of data analytics to pinpoint the characteristics most likely to maximize yields. They do this with a farmer-driven focus, centering their efforts on identifying solutions to specific challenges such as Goss’s Wilt.

Hybrids newly available for the 2019 growing season are expected to extend the NK corn performance streak. In pre-launch trials, the 32 new hybrids outyielded Pioneerand DeKalb brand hybrids by an average of 5.4 bu/A and 4.4 bu/A, respectively.1

High-yielding soybeans

This fall’s results continued a trend of consistent victories for NK soybeans, which add a science-driven boost to farmers’ seed portfolios.

To provide maximum value, NK breeders tap into a state-of-the-art trait conversation capability that brings the latest, most desirable trait packages to market with the newest genetics. Because soybean seed is fragile, every step of the seed production process is geared toward maintaining NK varieties’ full yield potential, with extensive testing at every step.

In 2018, these efforts helped deliver results such as:

  • In 2018 FIRST trials, S20-J5X brand secured six top 10 finishes.
  • S27-M8X brand placed in the top 10 in seven trials.

This performance continues a trend of consistently strong yields for NK. In 2017, soybeans bred from Syngenta genetics – including NK – secured 58 top-three finishes in FIRST trials across the country, more than two major competitors’ results combined.2

“The high-yielding performance from soybeans this season supports the farmer-driven focus behind NK,” says Scott Erickson, NK soybean product manager. “The breadth of performance also shows that farmers in any environment can find the optimal combination of best-in-class genetics with the newest traits to have a successful, profitable season.”