New Wheat Production System Combats Weeds


A new wheat production system is now available to farmers in North America, thanks to the collaboration of the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation, Inc. (CWRF), Albaugh LLC and Limagrain Cereal Seeds, LLC.  CoAxium is a targeted technology platform that combines a new patented herbicide-tolerant trait and elite germplasm together with novel herbicide brands and best-in-class industry stewardship, according to the collaborators.

“This new technology was asked for and is owned by Colorado wheat farmers,” explains Mark Linnebur, president of CWRF and a farmer from Byers, Colorado. “Several years ago, the wheat producers of Colorado approached Colorado State University looking for a new solution to combat the grassy weed problems faced by Colorado wheat growers each year. Not only did it have to work better than what was commercially available, but it also had to be cost effective. CoAxium wheat production system will deliver on that vision.”

Frank Curtis, Limagrain Cereal Seeds chief operating officer, acknowledges that uncontrolled grass weed species posed a huge challenge for wheat growers.

“Not only do grass weeds create unwanted competition for moisture, light and key nutrients, the residual seeds also reduce the market value of the resulting grain crop,” he says. “We are very proud to be part of this partnership comprising genetics, chemistry and growers’ experience to deliver a cost-effective solution to a perennial problem.”




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