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5 Minutes with Kevin Cavanaugh

Editor’s Note: At the time of recording, Kevin Cavanaugh worked at Beck’s Hybrids, he is no longer in this role.

As the director of research at Beck’s Hybrids, Cavanaugh oversees all genetic research activities for Beck’s (breeding, testing, trait introgression, biotechnology, foundation increases, personnel and facilities) and directs 92 employees at six locations in five states evaluating performance and determining compensation levels. Cavanaugh developed a high performing corn Germplasm development program using the latest plant breeding innovations, and developed the research budget for each department in the research program. He also participated in record setting company seed sales, averaging just under 20% annual growth for the 25 years he has been with the company. Cavanaugh delivers product education talks to thousands of customers positioning corn and soybean products to maximize profitability at Becknology Days as well as many of the company’s field shows.


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