When Steepening The Curve is Beneficial


Dr. Molly Cadle-Davidson, Chief Science Officer at Advanced Biological Marketing explains how the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced many new words and phrases, thoughts, and behaviors to the general public. This virus has spread the world over in a very short timeframe, displaying a dynamic typically seen only in clinical or research labs.  The growth curves that we are all now used to seeing show an exponential increase telling us that this viral pathogen is highly infectious and that it is reproducing out in society. Thus, we are asked to socially distance ourselves to prevent spread and let any infected person be a dead-end for the virus. In this way, the exponential growth curve can be “flattened”, or the rate of spread slowed and, in a perfect world, stopped. 

Through this new lens, most people can now understand some of the actions that people in agriculture have been doing for decades to reduce the spread of pathogens and increase good microbes.


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