Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center


For much of the world, the novel coronavirus-19 is here. Whenever possible, companies have switched to working from home, cities are on lockdown, and social distancing is the word du jour. The world has not experienced a pandemic since 1918 and we are all fumbling through this challenging situation together.

I don’t want COVID-19 to monopolize the new materials on Seed World PRO. However, this platform is here to provide actionable intelligence to the seed industry, and right now everyone needs more information on how to adjust to this new situation. Business leaders are creating new policies on the fly. Employees are being asked to work in completely new situations. All the while, governments around the world are enacting new regulations that are changing how people live and businesses operate. 

This is the seed industry homepage for tips, tools, and expert resources to help businesses, employees, and citizens of the world manage this difficult time.

Please check back for more resources. I will keep updating this section as more information is available.


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