Complete Hemp Primer: From Seed Biology to Synthetic Cannabinoids Production


The 2018 Farm Bill changed the law allowing U.S. farmers to cultivate hemp. Since then hemp has been a major topic of conversation across U.S. agriculture and more specifically within the seed industry. Seed World PRO worked with two leading experts to bring you a comprehensive view of hemp in the seed industry.

First, Frank Curtis and Julie Deering it down for an interview about the biology of the hemp plant. Did you know with the correct care the stocks can grow to be over 12 feet tall? Maybe more importantly to the seed industry, Curtis provides insight on the availability of hemp genetics. He explains that stable varieties that meet the FDA requirements are commercially available to growers.

To complete this unit, Richard Peet has shared information about cannabinoids including what they do and how they are used. THC and CBD are both cannabinoids that come from hemp. Many other compounds exist as well. These have not been fully explored. Peet also, explains why he thinks that synthetic production of cannabinoids might be a superior option in the future because of the challenges of growing and processing hemp.

Complete Hemp Primer: From Seed Biology to Syntheic Cannabinoids Production


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