How To Win When The Game Gets Tough


There’s no such thing as striking balance, but you can deploy tactics that tip the scales in your favor. Here, three entirely different experts deliver tactics to help you win when the game gets tough.

Beating Burnout

For those in the seed business, it’s the time of the year when work demands the most from us. Meetings, conferences, reports, sales deadlines and the list doesn’t stop. It’s also the time of year when family traditions and creating memorable moments can take on a life of their own. At a time when both require increased engagement and focus, the added pressure can lead employees to disengage and withdraw. For some, it may be the fuel that ignites burnout. But there are steps that can help employees deal with it, according to Erika Osmundson of

Brain Power

Science is core to the work of the seed sector. Can science help company employees better manage their brain chemistry for reduced stress and increased productivity? One expert says, “yes” and companies using it have experienced benefits such as a 12.5% increase in profits, double-digit growth and increased employee satisfaction scores. It’s called “Physical Intelligence.”

Take a Page from Comedy

Along with balancing the brain, seed leaders have got to be able to laugh. Becoming a stand-up leader isn’t easy, but there’s much to learn from comedians. Drew Tarvin, an improv and stand-up comedian, consults on human effectiveness with companies such as Pepsi, Proctor & Gamble, AOL and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. His unique perspective is a fresh take on what leaders need to bring to the table.


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