A&C Liquid Assets

Across the globe, companies have been jumping on the “non-GMO” bandwagon, ranging from Chipolte to Stonyfield. In Hoxie, Kansas, a liquor store called A&C Liquid Assets, owned by farmers, refused to stock Smirnoff products after Smirnoff announced that they were “non-GMO.”

Living in a community that’s 90 percent ag-based, the owners want to take a stand for their community, and in particular, farmers. However, while A&C Liquid Assets won’t be selling Smirnoff, they will be carrying Milo and Most wanted liquors, which come from local farms and are in a similar price point as Smirnoff. Instead of supporting a brand that most people know through TV commercials, A&C Liquid Assets will be selling brands that support their local community without “non-GMO” fear mongering.