Limagrain Adds New Ryegrass to Grass Seed Mixture


Limagrain announces a new ryegrass which is set to be part of its MM50 grass seed mixture.

Alison follows in the footsteps of varieties such as Venice, Malibu and Cyrena, which are all used in various mixtures throughout the market leading MM range of grass seed.

Alison is a fine-leaved ryegrass with exceptional shoot density and wear tolerance plus great recovery, making it particularly suitable for all cricket squares, golf tees, fairways and multi-use sports fields.

Disease resistance is a key attribute to the Alison ryegrass along with tolerance to close mowing. All the varieties in the MM mixtures are also thoroughly tested at the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI).

MM50 with its new ingredient, Alison ryegrass, will be available from early 2016.

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