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    Corn Conundrum

    Corn owes much of its success to plant breeding advances that have increased yields and produced more and better stress-tolerant varieties. But with corn prices lower than they’ve been...
    Tim Hassinger

    Plowing Ahead

    Dow AgroSciences President and CEO Tim Hassinger shares his perspective on risk. Named president and chief executive officer of Dow AgroSciences May 1, 2014, Tim Hassinger has been plowing ahead....

    Registration Review

    Registration Review Is there one ideal variety registration model that every country should adopt? Variety registration is not a one-size-fits-all scenario but there are certain characteristics that every variety registration...

    Reflections from Craig Newman

    ASTA’s Craig Newman reflects on his year as chairman. For AgReliant Genetics’ Craig Newman, 2013/14 has been years in the making as he has worked his way up through the...

    Snapshots in Time

    A look back at the trends, key events and interesting quotes that were covered in Seed World in 2013 and will define the seed industry in years to come. Product...

    Having ‘The Talk’

    Having ‘The Talk’ Proponents aim to transform monologues on the role of plant breeding in modern agriculture into healthy, accurate dialogues. Being left out of a conversation, especially when the subject...

    2013 World Food Prize

    2013 World Food Prize Biotech pioneers recognized for landmark efforts to drive “Gene Revolution.” In 1970, Norman Borlaug was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his lifetime of work dedicated to...

    Importance of Seed Associations Cannot be Overstated

    Why do we need so many seed associations? We have local, regional, national and international associations, all requiring resources: time, money, ideas, skills and tons of initiative. But why? I...

    What’s in a Word

    For every industry, corporation, organization or individual considering the concept, there are as many interpretations of what it means to be sustainable—and therein lies the challenge. In terms of ag...

    ISF’s Greek Triumph

    The ISF World Seed Congress in Greece was a rousing success. Seed World publisher Shawn Brook tells you why. Athens, Greece—home to the Acropolis, birthplace of the marathon and our...