There are many reasons why Total Seed Production is successful: our employees, our customers, and our land. Total Seed Production is a family business, not run by a huge corporation, but by true seedspeople who love what they do and the customers they work for. Customer satisfaction is what guides every decision we make.

That is why Total Seed Production does what we do best for our customers; it is all about you. And we will be bringing that message to the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) conference in Chicago in December.

If you have attended the conference in previous years, you would have noticed Total Seed Production bringing our message to all elevator TV screens. This year, the messages in our video are for you:

  • Seedsmanship For You
  • Flexibility For You
  • Tailored Services For You
  • From Start To Finish For You
  • Innovative For You
  • Dedicated For You
  • Reinvesting For You
  • Total Seed Production For You

Seedsmanship For You: At Total Seed Production, we have True Seedsmen on staff who are experts in production. They are working on your behalf each and every day to deliver you our promise!

Flexibility For You: We are here to serve you, not the other way around. We work for our amazing and dedicated customers and we deliver on what is discussed and what is promised.

Tailored Services For You: Not every customer has the same needs. We ensure the services you receive are what is best for you, and not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all solution for you and everyone else. We understand every brand is different and that is why we work with you to guarantee you get what you ask for. We keep it simple.

From Start to Finish For You: There is no doubt that our vertically integrated system – where we do everything from beginning to end – works to our customers’ advantage. Being there every step of they way in the process means we have our eye on your product, literally, from start to finish.

Innovative For You: Total Seed Production is always expanding and advancing in our production strategies for our customers. We continue to use the latest technologies on your behalf to be on the forefront of production for you. We want to be a forerunner in what the industry is doing, be ahead of the game, stay with and go above the trends.

Dedicated For You: Our customers become a part of the Total Seed Production family. With us on your team, you have our commitment to grow and expand as your needs evolve. Exceeding expectations and accomplishing your business goals are our main priority. We are unwavering in our dedication to our customers.

Reinvesting For You: We are constantly upgrading and reinvesting in our facility to make sure we are using the newest technologies that our customers need. Our reinvestment is customer focused, whether adding employee positions or making changes to our farmland, our customers’ needs are top of mind. Customer demand determines how we grow and decides our reinvestment decisions.

Total Seed Production For You: We do not step back – Total Seed Production always goes forward in everything we do. You may hire us for a job, but really, Total Seed Production follows your direction. That is what drives our success and cultivates long-term relationships with our customers.

We look forward to seeing and meeting with you at the ASTA convention in Chicago.

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