JanWillem Breukink Retires from Incotec Board


Effective April 1, Incotec’s former CEO JanWillem Breukink announced that he will retire from the company’s board of directors.

The decision is in accordance with the transition process the Netherlands-based Incotec initiated in 2014, with the appointment of Douwe Zijp as CEO.

Breukink has accepted a position on Incotec’s advisory board providing advice and consultation on strategic, technical and market-oriented issues.

“JanWillem has been invaluable to the establishment and success of Incotec and an inspiring leader to many in the seed technology sector,” says Bart Constandse, supervisory board chairman. “Through his new advisory position and  his various roles within Seed Valley, the European Seed Association and the International Seed Federation, we are fortunate that the organization will still benefit from JanWillem’s extensive knowledge and experience.”

After stepping down as CEO a year ago, the time had now come to make this decision, Breukink explains, noting that “the developments within the company are positive and I can take this step with confidence.”


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