January 2018

ASTA plays an active role in sharing priorities important to the success of the seed industry; we look into ASTA Federal and State priorities for 2018. IPSA president Christine Varner and IPSA CEO Todd Martin talk about getting involved and thriving in the seed  industry. We also take a look at how millennials are coming back to the family farm, armed with the newest technologies. Also, taking a look at the hot topic of CRISPR, we explore the patent races for property rights and ethical concerns. In this issue you will also learn about the oversupply of grain, what happened at ASTA CSS and learn some interesting things about the germplasm morgue. We hope you enjoy our January issue.

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ASTA Federal and State 2018 Priorities

With the renegotiation of NAFTA and a new Farm Bill, ASTA is advocating for a viable and efficient regulatory system for the industry. The American Seed Trade Association’s (ASTA) 2018...

Todd Martin (IPSA) Promoting and Advising Independents, Angst and Optimism

Todd Martin, CEO of IPSA talks with Alex Martin at the IPSA 29th Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana from January 8-10, 2018.

Tim Bratland (Legend Seeds) IPSA Executive Team, Future of Legend Seeds, Soybeans Expansion

Tim Bratland, General Manager of Legend Seeds talks with Alex Martin at the IPSA 29th Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana from January 8-10, 2018.

A Transforming Resource

Vegetable seed can be transformative, having inherent capacity to beget an abundant supply of fresh nutritious life-sustaining vegetables. Vegetable seeds can readily serve as a practical platform to launch...

Biologicals: A Natural Complement to Chemistry

Biologicals and chemicals can work together to give growers broader protection, an extended application window, and better management of resistance and residue. Our food supply is facing new challenges that...

Bryan Gerard (JoMar) Specializing in Wheat Licensing, Being an Advocate, Plant Breeding Innovation

Bryan Gerard, President & Co-Owner of JoMar Seeds talks with Shawn Brook at the IPSA 29th Annual Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana from January 8-10, 2018.

ASTA CSS Highlights

Several industry awards were presented during the General Session. The annual corn, Soybean and Sorghum Conference and Seed Expo is America’s largest seed industry conference. Held in early December at the...
Scott Kay

Growing Together: Q&A With Scott Kay

Scott Kay, vice president of BASF U.S. Crop, speaks about New Year Resolutions and looking towards 2018 at BASF. Seed World: What’s your favorite book? Scott Kay: I would have to...

Germplasm Morgue or Gold Mine?

The NPGS is the largest distributor of plant genetic resources in the world. The USDA-ARS National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS) contains a wealth of genetic diversity including improved varieties, breeding...

The Race is on for a CRISPR Patent

In the argument to claim the rights to patent CRISPR, the Broad Institute and the University of California can only concede that one of them should receive the intellectual...

First a Seedsman

Merschman Seeds was founded in 1954 by my father, Bill, and my mother, Bernice, on my great-grandfather’s farm just north of West Point, Iowa. It started off small –...

Meet IPSA CEO Todd Martin

At the helm of this association since early 2015, this busy veteran agribusinessman continues to assure that its members not only survive, but thrive in the seed industry. Celebrating its...

Meet IPSA President Christine Varner

This busy seed industry executive has attended many IPSA annual meetings, but it was just a few years ago that she became a board member and grew more involved...

Looking at Things Differently: Q&A with Dan Hogstad

Dan Hogstad, CEO of NorthStar Genetics, looks at the past of NorthStar and the future of trait licensing. Seed World: What are you currently reading? Dan Hogstad: Currently reading the O’Reilly...

New Collaborations Enhance Dupont’s Seed Applied Technology Platform

It was a busy, productive year for DuPont’s Seed Applied Technology platform and 2018 looks to be just as exciting, thanks to newly announced partnerships. Mick Messman, global director for...


Genotyping plays an important role in maker assisted plant breeding, but there are different methodologies at work to deliver the varieties coming soon to a field near you. Unlocking the...

Survey Says: LibertyLink Soybeans Top Growers’ Lists

New research reveals growers' highest rated soybean trait platform of 2017 Overuse of glyphosate has become a serious concern for soybean growers. As the 2018 growing season approaches, seed companies...

Soil Health 101: What You Need to Know Now

Healthy soil can mean healthier crops and higher production. But how do you get it? Get the tips, from tillage to biodiversity. What is soil health? Sometimes referred to as...