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    January 2017

    Discover how Todd Martin is getting creative with member benefits, and paving the way for independents to do business better. You’ll also learn that size isn’t everything as we look at how brothers Bryan and Greg Gerard are building JoMar Seeds from the ground up. Shifting gears, we grill experts about whether seed treatments are really worth the cost in this tight commodity environment. They say seed treatments pay dividends — find out why. And what we love about this issue is its focus on INNOVATION. We dig into everything from the use of artificial intelligence to predict disease and pest outbreaks to using pennycress as a jet fuel, plus a new technology that could make drones obsolete for plant breeders. What’s that you say? Check it out!
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    Seed Treatments Worth the Cost

    In a low commodity environment that has U.S. farmers putting pen to paper and scrutinizing every dollar, it’s important to understand the return on investment seed treatments can deliver. Even...

    Canola Crush

    With new technology, one company has made a new canola worth crushing over. Cibus, a precision gene-editing firm based in California, launched its first non-genetically modified, herbicide-tolerant canola trait, SU...

    William Goodbar: Challenges Create Great Opportunities

    As the proposed mergers and acquisitions move through the regulatory approvals necessary to proceed, William Goodbar, president of the Goodbar Group, says he plans to be busy in the...

    Smart Lights Communicate with Plants

    This Georgia-based horticultural lighting company’s new adaptive LED lights literally communicate with plants to control the amount of light they receive. In an effort to grow plants at a faster...

    Growing Habitat Beyond the Farm

    Operation Pollinator looks to the green spaces inside cities and suburbs to increase pollinator-friendly environments. Honey bees and other pollinators are capable of flying several miles to find food, but...

    Size Isn’t Everything

    In an age of mergers and multinationals, JoMar Seeds Solutions’ increasing market share proves there is room in the seed licensing business for small independents. In mid-September, the United States...

    Importing: A Vegetable Seed Dilemma

    Vegetable seed production in lesser-developed countries yields tough challenges and is often viewed as an untenable risk. Yet, there’s a local need and desire for high-quality seed. Local, regional and...

    For the Love of Ag

    Chris Cornelius, executive assistant and public relations manager for Cornelius Seed, tells us how she works to spread the message of the seed industry and agriculture. Seed World: What’s your...

    Next-Level Wheat

    Experts estimate hybrid wheat will be on the market within 10 years. What can the seed industry and farmers expect? It seems hybrid wheat’s time has come. “It’s the new step-change...

    Making Sense of Symbiosis

    Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies CEO Rusty Rodriguez has been a leading expert in plant-fungal symbiosis while effectively managing research laboratories in academic and government institutions. He shares his secret to...

    Safeguarding IP

    As executive director of the Seed Innovation & Protection Alliance, James Weatherly has experience protecting intellectual property rights in the United States and internationally. We get his take on...

    Optimist at Heart

    John Latham, president of Latham Hi-Tech Seeds, talks to us about the industry, golf and Bill Gates. Seed World: What are you reading, and why?   John Latham: I’m reading “Mind Gym”...

    Since 1915: Looking Back to Innovations in 1981

    A Moment in Time: This special equipment issue profiled a new machine, the Simon Countmaster — designed to count the number of seeds presented to it or count out any...

    Bruce Ceranske (Legacy Seeds) Opportunity in Fallout of Mergers, Positive Connections with End Users

    Bruce Ceranske (Legacy Seeds) speaks with Shawn Brook at ASTA CSS 2016 & Seed Expo.

    Natarajan Balachander (Agbiome Inc) Biologicals, Science Advancing the Pace of Discovery

    Natarajan (Bala) Balachander (Agbiome Inc) speaks with Shawn Brook at ASTA CSS 2016 & Seed Expo.

    Focus on the Furrow: A Seed World Strategy Webinar & Podcast

    • Explore the role the furrow plays in seedling d