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    January 2014

    Technology Showcase: If you’re interested in the science behind today’s plant breeding but get intimated by the language, check out Unlocking the Genetic Potential of Plants. There’s a lot of take away here. Our editorial team tackles issues of seed quality and international expansion. This issue will also help you to better understand what’s behind the growing consumer skepticism of the food industry.

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    NAPB Offers Platform for Plant Breeders to Communicate Needs

    July 9, 2014 NAPB Offers Platform for Plant Breeders to Communicate Needs A book by Wes Jackson of The Land Institute inspired the career path of Seth Murray, a Texas A&M...

    What’s New at IPSA?

    This January’s Giant Views of the Industry article in Seed World provides a timely opportunity to outline what’s new at IPSA—the Independent Professional Seed Association. But first, let’s take...

    Industry News – January 2014

    Industry News is geared to seed professionals and delivers the people, industry, business and product news you need to know. Submissions are welcome. Email us at·news@issuesink.com. People News Syngenta has announced...

    Regulatory Roundup

    NATIONAL DAS Receives U.S. Patent for Enlist Corn Dow AgroSciences LLC has announced the issuance of U.S. patent number 8,598,413 for the company’s lead 2,4-D herbicide tolerance event in corn. The...

    World Status

    An in-depth overview on the global seed industry. From a newly developed tomato variety in Argentina to progressive workshops on safety assessment of genetically modified crops in India. Status Argentina Argentine...

    Since 1915

    1915 Handling Seed by Modern Methods Old-timers in the seed trade remember when clover seed was handled in barrels, as sugar is handled today. At that period other methods of handling...

    Cross Pollination

    Cereal Stocks Recover Food commodity markets are becoming more balanced and less price-volatile than in recent years thanks to improved supplies and a recovery in global inventories of cereals, according...

    Breaking Through Growing Consumer Skepticism

    New Research Offers Roadmap for Trust-Building Transparency Now more than ever, consumers are asking questions about farming and food. What is the role of technology and innovation? How do I...

    Protecting Pollinators Part 5

    Science and Stewardship Over the course of Seed World’s Protecting Pollinators series, we have discussed the current state of honey bee health, the many stressors impacting honey bees, as well...

    Expanding Business Internationally

    Expanding Business Internationally Regional companies find it necessary to not only compete with peer regional companies, but also well-established multinationals. Yet opportunities present themselves, not without challenges, to be explored...

    A Systems Approach to Corn and Soybeans

    A Systems Approach to Corn and Soybeans Seed companies are changing the way they sell seed–because there’s more to farmers’ success than great genetics. Large seed companies are taking a page...

    New Equipment Promises Even More Efficiency

    New Equipment Promises Even More Efficiency The seed industry is always looking to improve its processes, and new technologies coming on market are making that possible. Efficiency. It’s something the seed...

    Ensuring Seed Quality

    Ensuring Seed Quality From more efficient testing methods to high-speed seed counters with imaging capabilities, seed testing is rapidly becoming a critical player in the seed sector today. Seed is a...

    Using TALENs and CRISPRs in Crop Development

    Recently developed new breeding technologies could mean a number of new traits moving into improved crops faster, easier and more economically. Plant breeders and researchers are excited about TALENs and...

    Unlocking the Full Genetic Potential of Plants

    Since 1995, the genomes of nearly 50 plants have been sequenced and thanks to advances in technology, the rate at which these sets of genetic instructions are being deciphered...