Jason Kaeb Director of Business Development, KSi


Any company or business that delivers a quality product or service knows that it takes an enormous amount of effort, planning and dedication from everyone involved to make target goals a reality. Most would credit sales representatives, the installation crew, product trainers and engineers. While they do an excellent job, there is a whole host of people working behind the scenes, and their work is just as important in helping us to be as efficient and effective as possible.

I’d like to take a minute to thank those working behind the scenes at KSi and recognize them for their contributions.

It starts with our CAD and sales-engineering team. They provide detailed, highly-accurate drawings of a seed handling and treatment site. In the design stage, they work through many iterations of possible layouts or site plans that allow customers to visualize in 3D what their site could look like and how it would function. Their work verifies that the equipment we are proposing will fit and work within the designated area.

Then we have our order justification team, which combs through every bulk order and site drawing to make sure that each piece of equipment required for the build or install has been ordered and is shipped to the site. This is very tedious and detailed work to think through all the parts and equipment, from hopper leg extensions to conveyor supports, to complete a job. Without this team, our installation crew would not be near as efficient.

The installation crew is highly skilled and trained to understand seed flow, installing equipment that allows seed to move in the most efficient way through every transition in the seed treatment process. They work out on the road nearly every week, rain or shine and hot or cold — there’s a timeline that must be kept.

Once the installation is complete, our automation technicians make sure everything runs smoothly and troubleshoot any problems — often while sitting on a bucket in a freezing cold shed with a laptop. In an ever-changing world of technology and automation, it’s no easy task to stay on top of industry trends and the newest software available.

And finally, those who provide our phone support: thank you! If any one of our customers runs into trouble, our phone support is there, no matter the day or time, to listen and troubleshoot. This team puts in countless hours, especially during the busy season, with very few breaks, to make sure our customers get help when they need it.

If we take any one of these cogs in the wheel and look back 10 years ago, the evolution of who we are today is a direct result of being needed. Each team serves a purpose and is in place for a reason.

Remember: It’s our people who make our products a success, and I’m truly grateful to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals.