Brett Begemann
Executive Vice President, Seeds and Traits, Monsanto
Brett Begemann has commercial responsibility for Monsanto’s businesses in North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Asia Pacific, China, India and South America. Begemann leads the strategic approach and global coordination aimed at accelerating the growth potential of Monsanto’s businesses. As a part of his strategic priorities, Begemann develops and directs regionally adapted strategies focused on the expansion of the company’s seed-and-trait platform and growth initiatives in each region.

Dana Eaton
Product Development Head, GreenLeaf Genetics
Dana Eaton is a research director and scientist with product development experience in the private sector, universities and international public research centers in the United States, Latin America, and Africa. In his current role at GreenLeaf Genetics, he manages the genetic portfolio of inbreds and hybrids from companies in the United States, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

David Hansen
President and CEO, Canterra Seeds
David Hansen joined Canterra Seeds in October of 2009 as president and chief executive officer. He has over 30 years of seed and agribusiness·experience working in Canada and·internationally.

David Hingst
General Manager, Hoegemeyer Hybrids
David Hingst joined Hoegemeyer Hybrids in 1977 and since has served as production manager, sales manager, general manager and president. Currently he is part of the general management team with a focus in soybean product selection and supply management. In addition, Hingst has been involved with the Independent Professional Seed Association for over 20 years and was president of IPSA in 2010.

Andrew W. LaVigne
President and CEO, American Seed Trade Association
Andrew LaVigne joined the American Seed Trade Association in February 2006 as the president and chief executive officer. With a 17-year career in government relations, industry representation, public affairs advocacy and management, LaVigne is an expert in the areas of agriculture, food policy and international trade.

Brian McNaughton
President and Founding Director, HyTech Production Ltd.
In 1998, Brian McNaughton founded HyTech Production Ltd., an independent seed production company based in Lethbridge, Alta. The company’s primary business is breeder services and the production of hybrid canola parent lines through to full-scale hybrid canola seed production.

Janice Tranberg
Vice-President, Western Canada, CropLife Canada
Janice Tranberg is responsible for the development of plant biotechnology industry stewardship programs and coordination with Canadian regulatory agencies on the modernization of regulatory policies and programs for CropLife Canada. She is also involved in government and stakeholder relations for Western Canada.

Stefan van der Heijden
Global Research Director, Barenbrug Holding
Stefan van der Heijden has been the global research director at Barenbrug Holding, the dutch-based seed company specializing in grasses and legumes, since 2004. He has been active in the seeds industry since 1982 and is experienced in a range of agricultural crops such as potatoes, corn, cereals, pulses, flax, sugarbeets and grasses.

David Voss
Vice President, Commercial Development, Cibus
David Voss has more than 25 years experience in the seed and biotechnology industry, with particular expertise in the commercialization of new technologies using seed- and plant-based products.·He oversees commercial development for Cibus.

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