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Trichoderma and the Biologicals Renaissance: Creative New Ways to Think About the Usual Suspects

The biologicals industry has had to continually reinvent itself. An early history of variable performance cemented the dogmatic thinking that assumes biologicals will never be able to compete with ag chemistry. In the past 15 years, science supporting the use of microbials – and Trichoderma in particular – has moved beyond the concepts of mycoparasitism and niche replacement/competition as the dominant mechanisms acting in the field. It is now quite clear that in most cases signaling between microbes and plants plays the bigger role in biostimulation and biocontrol phenotypes.

A Vital Shift is Thinking

We are currently experiencing another scientific revelation: the importance of the phytobiome. The phytobiome is all the microbes present in, on and around a plant. These microbes impact plant perfor Read More;
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