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Bud Light’s Super Bowl Ads Weren’t a Mistake and That’s Why They Are so Scary

The Bud Light brand launched one of the most successful ad campaigns in recent history when “Dilly, Dilly” was revealed to the world in August 2017. The refrain “Dilly, Dilly” transcended the Bud Light brand and became commonplace in rural American lexicon. Super Bowl after Super Bowl, Bud Light or Budweiser had delivered iconic advertising campaigns. The “Bud-Weis-Er” frogs, “Wassup” and Dilly, Dilly allowed the Bud brands to become part of popular culture in way almost no other brand had. And yet, sales have steadily declined. Consumer preference for unique, craft beer has slowly eroded Bud consumption. Enter, Super Bowl LIII.  New York City advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy (creators of the Dilly, Dilly campaign), along with AB InBev (Bud’s parent company) choose to focus solely on one ingredient that Bud Light Read More;
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