Brandon Scott Marketing Manager, Nufarm

Our top priority is zero safety incidents for all our colleagues. We want everyone in the Nufarm family to go home safely every day. We implement risk identification processes and reduction measures and strive to engrain the safety-first mentality into our everyday culture. We have seen the results of this in the metrics we track. An example is our plant in Chicago Heights, Illinois, which has gone more than six years without a lost time injury.

We encourage everyone within the Nufarm family to be safety conscious. We challenge them to look for ways that they can take safety home with them. During our fire safety awareness month we encouraged our employees and colleagues to have a fire evacuation plan for their workplace as well as for their home. When you go home to your loved ones, do you have a safety plan for them in the event of a fire? If they complete and submit a safety plan they receive a free carbon monoxide detector for their homes. We strive to have everyone take this safety narrative to our entire Nufarm family to encourage safety first in their home life as well as in their work lives.  Safety is engrained into our culture.

At the beginning of every business meeting, we have a Sustainability Share for safety. We present brief tips to help everyone be aware of how their surroundings are changing from day to day and throughout the year whether at work, while traveling, making a sales call or at home. We have safety goals that are more than top down, they are in our culture throughout our entire organization.

In our manufacturing facilities we go beyond the standard OSHA procedures – these are certainly critical and crucially important – but they are present everywhere. We go one step farther in our safety culture. For example, at the beginning of every shift, our manufacturing team starts their day with a Tool Box meeting to discuss specific safety risks and how they plan to ensure each other’s well-being during the day. It makes sense to take this level of safety-mindedness beyond manufacturing roles and into all our functional roles including sales, marketing, customer service and finance.

For our field sales people we require driver safety/defensive driving courses. We also stress other activities that are not always thought of as safety – ergonomics while sitting at your desk, the risks of a sedentary lifestyle of not getting up and moving around during the day, exercise at home and sleeping habits to promote a healthy lifestyle. We want Nufarm to be successful not just today, but for many years to come. We believe an integral part of this is to work safely and sustainably with our stakeholders and our environment as we continue to build on our foundation as a socially responsibly business.