With a love for homegrown food, Joe Budreau, a Certified Crop Advisor for Spectrum Seed Technologies, discusses exciting new research and the benefits of working with Non-GMO corn seed.

Seed World: What’s your favorite book genre?
Joe Budreau:
My favorites are science fiction and self-help.

SW: Do you have a favorite app?
  I like the ID weeds and ECropScout apps.

SW: Any bad habits you’d like to break?
Overeating, but I love homegrown food too much.

SW: Your greatest accomplishment?
  I feel my greatest accomplishment is helping farmers be more successful, helping them increase yields and solve problems to raise their standard of living.

SW: What new research are you excited about?
The innovations in corn breeding that are getting better genetics on farms quicker to improve yields and profitability.

SW: What are the latest varieties that Spectrum has been working on?
Spectrum will be introducing several new hybrids in the early, mid and late season categories. We’ve put these hybrids through several growing seasons to observe their health and performance. It’s always exciting to see the stars emerge and those are the products we release — the ones that will help growers raise the bar on their Non-GMO corn acres for performance and consistent results.

SW: What do you want people to know about working with non-GMO seed?
Non-GMO hybrids work on farms around the country. We know first-hand that non-GMO growers can see a reduction in their input costs, and they can raise their yield expectations. It’s pretty exciting to see all of this come together! Plus, you have a team at Spectrum that will help you every step of the way, bringing you innovative ideas on growing non-GMO corn.