DSM-Amulix Introduces Biodegradable, Bio-Based Coating Solutions.

As the global population is expected to reach 10 billion by 2050, with resources like land, water and fertilizer under constant pressure, there needs to be a way to increase the efficiency of agricultural production at a lower environmental impact.

That is where DSM-Amulix comes in.

Royal DSM, a global science company active in health, nutrition and materials, and Amulix, a developer of starch-based solutions for agricultural and industrial applications and daughter company of Dynaplak, announced they will work together under the company name DSM Amulix to further develop high performing bio-based coating solutions for agricultural starter material, under the brand name Amulix.

“By joining forces with Amulix, we will be driving the conversion from fossil- to bio-based coatings in a highly important market,” says Sjaak Griffioen, Director Innovation, Strategy and Sustainability DSM Resins & Functional Materials. “In particular, Amulix products will help to eliminate hazardous agents from the ecosystem and reduce our dependency on petrochemical raw materials.”

DSM-Amulix is offering high quality innovative bio-based seed coating solutions which are biodegradable. We address the need for a sustainable alternative to the current widespread practice of using polymer-based synthetic coatings with limited biodegradability on seeds to improve sow ability and seed visibility in the soil. Our biodegradable, starch-based coatings not only have a lower carbon footprint than polymer-based synthetic coatings, but they also offer a viable solution to the issue of microplastic pollution. Our innovative bio-based Amulix seed coatings are outperforming other coating suppliers on germination, dust-off and total performance.

With Amulix seed coatings, both chemical and biological crop protection products can be applied on your seed. Our product is suitable for both conventional and organic seed.

Planning for the Future

Delivering sufficient, healthy and safe food is one of the main drives behind this innovation. Being a joint venture of DSM, we are dedicated to sustainable contributions to the society for today’s and for future generations. We supply bio-based materials instead of fossil based and, biodegradable products instead of products that contain harmful ingredients such as micro-plastics.

Thus, with our products we contribute to healthy and safe food production. At the same time our products have a better performance, which is beneficial for all stakeholders in the value chain.

Amulix has always had the environment in mind when developing products.

Amulix is our company brand for bio-based, biodegradable seed coating solutions, such as filmcoat liquids. It is an important product because it outperforms current oil based synthetic coatings on germination, dust-off and biodegradability. As our products are bio-based, the carbon foot print is lower than synthetic polymeric materials. Most of these synthetic polymers have a negative impact on germination of the seed. As our product is unlike any of the current coatings, we learn that the seeds simply like to wear our jacket instead of the plastic one. The extremely low dust-off contributes to improved emissions of crop protection products.

With our product, this will stay where it needs to be: on the seed.

DSM-Amulix stands out by delivering high innovative biobased and biodegradable seed coating solutions outperforming today’s market standards. Better for your profit, the people and our planet.

Our mission is an agricultural industry that has replaced micro-plastic coatings with plant-based biodegradable coating solutions by 2030. Not an easy task, but one we think is important for our customers and our planet.

Would you like to know more? Come and meet us at the ISF or send an e-mail to info@dsm-amulix.com.