Ken Pierson Sales/Product Manager, Meridian Manufacturing

It seems like we are always talking about efficiency and evaluating your return on investment. Yet, for years, those in agriculture have also made a living off of quick fixes and ingenuity. While it gets the job done and gets us through one more season, it might not be the safest or the smartest way to conduct field operations or business.

Since my specialty area is fuel trailers and tanks, I have an especially keen eye when out and about on the roadways. I see growers using a slip tank in the back of their truck to fill up equipment, which works if you’re not operating far from based and don’t have multiple machines running through multiple fields. But sometimes, these tanks don’t hold enough or the pump doesn’t fuel fast enough.

As an alternative, some growers opt for a non-legal tank on the back of a truck, but this poses a danger on roadways. These tanks are not intended for that, and the shifting weight can be problematic and become a liability issue.

The industry has introduced a number of high quality, safe fuel trailers designed for the needs of agriculture. The new fuel trailers that have come into the market the past few years are a great solution for individuals looking for a faster way to haul larger quantities of fuel, and fuel up faster. Fuel capacity on these units ranges from 1,900 liters on the smaller units up to 3, 700 liters on the larger units.

Additionally, high capacity pumps put out 30-40 gallons per minute, which substantially reduces the time required to refuel. This combined with the retractable hose reels gives users the extra reach they are looking for to fill larger equipment and makes it quick and easy when it comes to putting the hose back in the trailer.

Other options are diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tanks/pumps, tool box’s, compressor and generator to give those in the field a unit designed to be a one-stop shop when it comes to servicing their equipment.

While these new option provide both an efficiency and return on investment. My focus is safety. Be safe this season and be aware of what you’re doing, what you’re hauling and how you’re hauling it.