ASTA 128th Annual Convention

Huntington Beach CA

June 18th -22nd, 2011

May 30 – June 1 2011 BELFAST


Greenleaf Genetics LLC/Syngenta
Seed World sits down with Ron Wulfkuhle, Head of GreenLeaf for GreenLeaf LLC/Syngenta, to discuss the seed industry at ASTA’s CSS 2011 & Seed Expo.
Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc.
Tim Johnson, president of field crops division for Illinois Foundation Seeds Inc., sits down with Seed World Magazine to discuss the seed industry at ASTA’s CSS 2011 & Seed Expo.
Pioneer Hi-Bred, A DuPont Business
John Soper, vice president of crop genetics research and development for Pioneer Hi-Bred sits down with Seed World Magazine to discuss the seed industry at ASTA’s CSS 2011 & Seed Expo.

Chile Bio

Miguel Sanchez, Executive Director
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Argentine Seed Association

Pablo Vaquero, Vice President
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WESTERN SEED ASSOCIATION 112th Annual Convention
Seed World sits down with Roger Batt, executive director of the Pacific Seed Associaton, to discuss topics in the agriculture industry.
WESTERN SEED ASSOCIATION 112th Annual Convention
John Thyssen, President and CEO of Barenbrug USA, sits down with Seed World to discuss various topics in the forage and turf industry.
2011 ESA Annual Meeting
Garlich von Essen, secretary general of the European Seed Association, sat down with Seed World at the ESA annual meeting in Budapest, Hungary.

Germains Seed Technology

Paul Mullan, Managing Director & CEO
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Context Network

Tray Thomas, Founding Member
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American Seed Trade Association

Andy LaVigne, President & CEO, American Seed Trade Association
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Seminis Vegetable Seeds

John Bill, Open Field Sales Manager, Seminis Vegetable Seeds
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UC Davis

Rale Gjuric, Director of Plant Breeding Academy, UC Davis

American Takii

Rick Falconer, General Manager & Vice President, American Takii


Verdant Partners LLC

Rod Stacey, Partner, Verdant Partners LLC


Sakata Seed America

Dave Armstrong, President & CEO, Sakata Seed America

Indiana Crop Improvement Association

Elizabeth Pestow, Customer Service Manager, Indiana Crop Improvement Association


EMD Crop BioScience

Francis Leier, Business Development Manager, EMD Crop BioScience


Burrus Hybrids

Tom Burrus, President, Burrus Hybrids


Buckhorn Industries

Jon Bertolino, National Sales Manager – Center Flow, Buckhorn Industries

Thurston, Inc.

Robert Thurston, President, Thurston, Inc.


Independent Professional Seed Association

Greg Ruehle, Chief Executive Officer, Independent Professional Seed Association


Independent Professional Seed Association

Dennis Lutgen, President, Independent Professional Seed Association


Independent Professional Seed Association

Steve Kinsell, New President – 2011, Independent Professional Seed Association

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